GAMAR ITALIA s.r.l. prints accessories and shoes components in:

• ZAMAK (zinc alloy)
• PLASTIC (Nylon)

ZAMAK with 15-20% of recycled material:

The percentage of re-use of this re-melted ZAMAK can vary between 15 and 20% according to the articles we must print and according to their requested mechanical characteristics. In the detail, on 100% of material, we use about 15-20% of recycled ingots and the rest is made of first casting ingots.

ZAMAK is a non-iron alloy with a high content of pure zinc, with small percentages of aluminium, magnesium and copper (variable according to the kinds of uses). Three kinds of zinc alloy are more used in the processes of die-casting and casting: zinc alloy 12, zinc alloy 13 e zinc alloy 15. Zinc alloy is used to print articles with steel moulds (die-casting), or silicon moulds (casting), waste matter and material excess from different ways of printing are recycled (feed-head). This work is done internally. Printing very small accessories, the percentage of this recycle can reach 70%.

PLASTIC material (Nylon) with 100% of recycle:

It’s possible printing articles in plastic material (NYLON) with completely recycled and phthalate free material. In these cases we first buy raw materials 100% Recycled certified. According to the Customer’s requests for the production of 100% plastic articles, a previous analysis of feasibility of these is indispensable.

Hypoallergenic PVC material with European Reach Normative and PHTHALATE FREE:

The articles in PVC material are hypo-allergenics, European Reach Regulations guarantee, and PHTHALATE FREE.