Minuteria metallica per calzature
Metal small parts

Metal small parts: the essential components for the footwear industry

Metal hardware is a term used to refer to a wide range of small metal components also used in the footwear manufacturing industry for the production of finished products. These components can include hooks, screws, loops, ornaments, and other fasteners or connectors. Gamar Italia's metal hardware is used to produce shoes and boots for different uses: From fashion to professional safety use, such as eyelets, hooks, buckles, buttons and other small parts that are used to fasten the several parts of the shoe together.

Metal shoe hardware: quality and durability for the safety industry

These components must be strong and durable to ensure that the shoe is solid and resistant to wear and abrasion. Gamar Italia plays a leading role, in designing and manufacturing high quality, tested and guaranteed components. For this reason, Gamar Italia, mainly uses selected materials such as brass, stainless steel, zamak and aluminum, which guarantee great mechanical strength and durability.

How to choose the right metal hardware for your product

Gamar Italia's metal hardware is used for different types of footwear, such as sports shoes, work boots, hiking boots and walking shoes. The production and design of many Gamar Italia finished products, play an important role in ensuring that parts are properly connected and fastened together, thus contributing to the safety and functionality of the products themselves. You can contact one of our consultants who will tell you which product is best suited for your footwear project, or request a sample from our catalog.